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Beni Ouarain rug

Beni Ouarain rug

Beni Ourain rugs are likely the most comfortable rugs you’ll ever encounter. They are made from 100% sheep wool and are 100% undyed. These heirloom rugs are made for those who appreciate truly the natural world. They are the epitome of warmth and luxury.

All Beni Ourain rugs share a signature style with geometric designs. It’s a classic design for any room. You can expect to see dark brown lines and shapes on a white or cream background. You’ll also see symbols. They tell true stories from each weaver’s life.

When you’re looking for something plush for your feet or to keep you warm at night, these gorgeous rugs are ideal!

The history of Beni Ourain rugs:

To understand Beni Ourain rugs better, let’s look at their history. Traditional Berber rugs were made by Beni Ourain tribes. They lived deep in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains.

Beni Ourain rugs from a special sheep:

The Atlas Mountains are in the exact region where special sheep can be found. These smaller sheep are an ancient breed. They produce the excellent high quality wool that makes Beni Ourain rugs so special. Even today, they roam the rugged Middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Our Sukhi rugs are handcrafted from this special breed of sheep.

Completely natural and authentic:

Do you enjoy rugs from truly rural settings? Then you will appreciate Beni Ourain rugs. These magnificent rugs have a fascinating ability. They connect the long history of the nomadic Berber tribes with modern day interiors. Bring a genuine piece of Morocco heritage into your home.

A piece of the soul of Morocco:

The lives of their makers are all part of the process. Women usually weave these rugs. They creatively infuse elements from their lives into the designs. These can be references to natural events. Sometimes you’ll see aspects of daily life. We’ve seen designs about birth, fertility, nature and femininity. We’ve seen stories of rural life and personal beliefs emerge.

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