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Our Story

Due to their lack of education, the majority of Local Moroccan Artisan struggle to keep up with the advanced technology and get access to online market. As a result many of them find themselves forced to sell their valuable piece of art to local markets for fractions of what it actually worth.
Later, these local shops or middlemen resell their products at much higher price in a local touristic market and keep most of the profit to themselves. This unfair business relationship imade us decide us to create this platform for our local community.  
This is where MarBazaar was born. In order to help these artisans in our tribal community, we needed to eliminate the middlemen and reach consumer directly. By adopting this strategy, both the consumer and artisans can benefit from our business models. When you purchase products from MarBazaar, be assured the artisan receives more money from us than from anyone can offer.

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For Buyers:  Bring you the best quality textiles good at very affordable price. Our product comes straight from local artisans, this mean cheaper prices and no commission is being paid to intermediaries. This allowed us to pass great saving into our customers and fairly accredit the artisan for his work.
For Artisan: Promote fair trade, and access sufficient wealth  to improve their quality life and support their families, 

How MarBazaar works ?

 In addition to our exclusive textiles collection, we also help local artisans market their crafts  by taking charge of their product storage, shipment fulfillment , marketing, Photography and customer service . We cover our expenses by a portion of the item sold and pass the remaining directly to the maker.