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About us

MarBazaar is 100% Moroccan owned and Operated. It was founded in the summer 2018 to address a need for a fine Moroccan textiles products. 

 Why the name " MarBazaar" ?

Our name is a refection of our business model and ideology that we are adopting. Our goal is to create a Moroccan marketplace for our local artisans community dedicated to handwoven textiles and home decor.

The word " Bazaar " is widely used in the middle east ( less often in the US ) and means a Marketplace. We added the first three letter that begin with " Mar " which is a short abbreviation of " Marrakech " or " Morocco". The name MarBazaar is a short abbreviation  of Moroccan marketplace where many of females local artisans gather and present their pieces of arts. Our goal is to create a bridge between this local artisans and the client. This will ensure the lowest price possible in the market and create a safe and fair trade environment. 

Store Location: 

Our showroom is located at the heart of Marrakesh at the address shown below the page. We encourage and welcome all visitors at any time.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to connect our network of Moroccan females weavers directly with the consumer, without intermediaries, or middlemen. This strategy has allowed us to offer highly competitive price, and allowed us to avoid our customer some hidden fees.

We aim to provide through this online gateway,  the extraordinary and exquisite handicrafts of the traditional Moroccan artisans to the north-American audience seeking authentic handwoven goods.

MarBazaar welcomes all suggestions and feedback on the products and services that are presented. Email us at, or use the Contact Us  feature on the site.



Morocco : 

3 eme etage 303, Mhamid 4
Marrakech, 40000 Morocco
Customer Service Phone: +212 663-417566


Mohammed. A

MarBazaar SARL founder