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Red Moroccan rug from Boujaad region


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Enhance your home decor with this beautiful and unique rug. This Moroccan masterpiece will surely bring warmth and personality to your home, add touch of style to your interior, and impress all your guests! All of our rugs are hand knotted by skillful weavers in Atlas mountain of Morocco.

✔️ Dimensions : 200 cm x 133 cm
✔️ Material: Wool of sheep
✔️ Weave and manufacturing type: Hand Knotted
✔️ Condition: Good
✔️ Primary Colors: see last close up images
✔️ Design origin: Morocco
✔️ Estimated age:

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📌 All of our rugs are professionally washed and cleaned. They are all individually inspected and treated before leaving our warehouse fulfillment centers in Morocco & USA.

⚠️ Disclaimer : Please note that colors can vary based on display screen and lightning (natural VS low lightning). We are happy to provide additional photos or short video if needed.

What the Boujaad rugs are known for?

Boujaad rugs are one of the famous Berber rugs which are 100% hand woven from natural material. They most often appear in warm red, pink and orange hues  and they share the abstract design and colorful bright pattern. They are usually made with with knot being pulled tighter. As a result, the rugs require less wool. This enables the weaver to create the intricate geometric patterns that Boujad rugs are famous for.

They have new and existing pattern and colors combinations, sometimes expressed in an apperently wild and unplanned mixed of pile. The pile of these rugs are relatively medium to short. As the name suggest, they all were made in Boujaad tribes’ region in Morocco.

How our rugs are being made?

We started the production process by sourcing and gathering most of the raw material such as live sheep wool that we get from a special local market. After this, we wash the purchased wool, clean it, brush it and span it into yarn by hand. Yarn is a long continuous length of interlocked fibers, suitable for use in the production of textiles, knitting and weaving. Later, we dye the wool using various spices blends so we can add special colors to it. We then move to the next step of weaving process. This process takes great time and care and human hands instead of modern machinery. We use loom to weave our products. A loom is a device a person uses to weave a carpet. Two to three people can seat next to each other and work simultaneously on the rug. We work together line by line until we finished it, meaning we finish the first row of the knitted wool and then we move to the next until we complete the weaving process.

We believe weaving is an art. We do not mass produce rugs. Our production is limited to few rugs a year. The weaving technic used have been practiced centuries-old and handed down through generation.

⚠️ Note:

📌 All of our rugs are professionally inspected and cleaned before we ship them out, so you can receive them in best and perfect condition.

📌 Please note that colors can vary based on display screen and lightning (natural VS low lightning). We are happy to provide additional photos or short video if needed.

Estimate Delivery Times:

United States: 3-5 business days
Europe: 3-5 business days
Canada: 3-6 business days
Australia: 3-7 business days
United Kingdom: 3-5 business days

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We ship "Door to Door" through UPS, DHL Express, and USPS . All of our shipments are insured for lost and comes with tracking numbers. Shipping is FREE to any where in the world 👍

Customs fees and duties:

For US buyers: Regardless where we ship our products from, there will be no additional customs or duty fees. We have already taken care of this for you and we already imported some of the products listed from Morocco. Additionaly, Since there is free trade agreement between Morocco and USA, there will be NO customs fees imposed to our textiles products. Under this agreement most Moroccan goods including artisans enter the United States duty free.

For EU buyers: As any other product purchased outside EU region including UK, customers in this region might and might not be liable to pay additional Customs taxes once they receive the product . It is the buyer responsibility to check with Customs in their country about any import tax/duties/customs fee/carrier fee before buying.

Rest of the WorldPlease  Check with your countries customs department as each country has it own rules and regulation. Please note that customs fees aren't always applicable. We do our best to avoid our customers pay high customs taxes. If you needed help, you can contact us and we will do our best to help you. We have great knoweldge and experience dealing with foreign customs and we might be able to give you an idea and share with you our experience about your own country's regulation. 


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