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Azilal rug

Azilal rug

Azilal Rugs originate from the craggy and steep Azilal (Moroccan Berber Region), located in the remote and hard to reach High Atlas mountains, in the south of the city of Beni Mellal, about 180 km North-East Marrakech. Only performed by women of this region, are made from virgin raw wool by alternating composed patterns of one single knotted line and one or two woven lines,
according to a cultural ritual that mothers pass down to daughters through the generations.

Azilal rugs, They can also be hung on walls. New Azilal rug made from sustainable materials by local artisans including cotton and wool.
Each is one of a kind and collectable.

- Azilal rugs are considered the most prestigious rugs in Morocco, they are made from the finest wool.

- Every piece you take is the only piece, one of a kind. These rugs are luxurious     and perfect for any room and decor.
- But you will have the satisfaction of knowing your rug is truly one of a kind.
- This hand knotted in naive lozenges and imperfect lines
- 100% wool
- Some tribes have preferred colors. Always utilizing natural dyes.
- They have such a timeless look and a great way to add an ethnic touch to your     decor.

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