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Beni Mguild rug

Beni Mguild rug

The Beni M'guild region in the western Middle Atlas of Morocco can be quite harsh in the winters months, so their rugs are very thick in pile to protect them against the cold. Woven by the women on a vertical loom

Beni mguild rugs are known as the most berber rugs , Efficient protection against the winter cold in snowy highland areas.
Each rug tells the story of the weaver and symbolises their life in patterns. The tribal patterns can tell stories of life, death, beliefs, appreciation or major life events. Traditionally the art of creating these rugs would be passed down through generation as mother would teach daughter and so on.

Beni M'Guild Rugs are colourful pieces made from 100% pure wool.
With distinguished tribal designs unique to each weaver. The colours were created from vegetable dye or by using threads of recycled coloured cotton materials. You will never be able to find 2 identical authentic rugs and each rug is a unique piece of art.
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